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June 2013: Welcome to our newest affiliate, Who Dares Grins!


Game on! Every Thursday Live at 8pm EST.

On 1Life2Play, you'll hear news, views, and reviews about gaming and occasional interviews from some of electronic entertainment's notable journalist, developers, and publishers. Every show features our Mod Report, Weekly Challenge, OMG Free Games & the Weekly Steal! Tune in to see live demos, tournaments, and the Frag of the Week!

Airborne Gamer

Was I airborne? Yes. Am I a gamer? Yes.

Am I saying I'm an elite gamer in a sea of other gamers? Well I'd sure like to think so.

Boss Wave

The official podcast of BossWave.net

Destination Gamer

Gaming across all platforms

Destination Gamer is a cross-platform gaming community for everyone over 18 years of age, allowing any member to post up a gaming session when they like, whenever they like! Gamers can post their experiences in a provided blog on the site such as their best games ever, recent matches, their views on gaming-related topics and more. DG also has its own Youtube channel posting gaming videos, which eventually will allow any member of DG to upload. Join today and be part of the friendliest gaming community there is!


The leading community for all things Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

We offer an outstanding community for the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Aside from a great group of people to chat with, we also offer amazing resource tools for gamers. This includes guides, member videos, a FFXIV: ARR Wiki, and our exclusive FFXIV parody magazine. There is always room for more, so we will see you there!

Gamer Dads Live

For parents of all ages

Are you still a kid at heart who loves to game? Are you tired of playing online with immature people? Are you a parent or legal guardian? Then visit our site and find (mostly) mature gamers. We have an active forum, events, leagues, and game reviews/discussions. All are welcome!


Your little piece of heaven

Gamerkitten is a free gaming website and forum where people visit to discuss all things gaming, to get help, help others or make new friends. We have a news site and tv channel where we display our meets and game footage. We are UK-based but welcome all. We also cover all platforms as well as a coffee house area for all daily banter too. Pop by and jump in!

The Gamers Blog

We are original! We are TGB.

The Gamesmen

What role will you play?


Gaming for the Elderly

The Grumbler

Video gaming news, ramblings and blatant criticism

We've been around for a little while now and are just finding our way around 'teh interwebz'. Main subjects of my blog are video games, anime, comics, movies and social media. Our main focus lies on video games and everything that revolves around it. While we may just post the latest news from time to time we try to post our musing and ramblings about various topics within the video game industry.

Our mission is to inform and entertain our readers about any subject we write while maintaining a certain standard of quality. Even though we are fairly new, we're also driven and ambitious with a clear set of goals for the future.


PC gamers only

Lousy at Gaming

Home of the bottom feeders

Discouraged by the competitive nature of every site out there, we decided it was time to start a site where none of that mattered. We wanted a place where your skills are not that important, where you didn't have to have the best internet connection, or spend hours every day perfecting your melee. We are what we say: lousy at gaming. We all work for a living and don't have the time a lot of other people have to be good. We play for fun and no other reason.

You will not find any leagues, clans, or tournaments here. You will not get trophies or special achievement avatars here. What you will get are people who share the same passion for gaming without the pressure to perform. We play a lot of co-op type gaming, and put new games to the test as a group. So if you are tired of being at the bottom of the list at the end of a multiplayer game, or your kill/death ratio isn't even a mathematical equation anymore, then we here at L.A.G. would like to welcome you home.

Nintendo Okie

Gaming news from the Heartland

Nintendo Okie is a site that is dedicated not just to Nintendo news, but everything the gaming world has to offer. New editorial opinions arrive every day. Each week you can hear the staff talk about everything that happened around the net. Trivia fans can test their knowledge in weekly trivia challenges on the Question Block.

No BS Gaming

All the gaming, half the drama

A casual adult (21+) community of gamers who play for fun, not fame. Gamers of all abilities welcome but FUN is a requirement. We take a light hearted look at gaming and life, drama free. It if ain't fun what's the point?


Not Actual Game Footage

Not Actual Game Footage isn't just a sneaky phrase cheating publishers use when they want to market their games on TV. It's our home, and we hope you'll enjoy what we have to offer!

Outcast Gamers

We game for fun, not numbers

A forum for all gamers, console and PC alike, although most of us tend to play the Xbox. We are mature gamers (prefer 21 and older) who play for fun and not for numbers. We have a gentleman's only section, a ladies only section and then our general areas.

PlayStation Radio UK

Simon & Ben Amazing Podcast Men

We at PSRUK strive to bring you the highest quality of up to date content and witty humour. Although our name suggests we only play PlayStation, we actually do enjoy other systems and are proud to create unbiased conversations. Listen now and we promise you won't regret stumbling upon Simon & Ben, two of the (self-proclaimed) greatest guys in gaming.

The Play Vault

The latest gaming news and reviews


All at the push of a button

Theme XBox

Preview before you buy

Tired of downloading themes only to realise it's not what you expected? Here at ThemeXbox we make it our goal to preview as many premium and standard themes as possible, so that you get what you were looking for. We have the most complete collection of theme previews currently available on the internet. We have also begun to amass a vast collection of custom themes that our growing community contributes to. We welcome you and know that ThemeXbox.com will add to your 360 experience.

Veteran Gamers

You're never too old to play

We Are Expendable

Our purpose is to get a game

We enjoy playing video games but donít want to deal with the garbage online game play can bring. Are you looking for people to game with online that arenít too serious? Are you tired of game lobbies filled with little kids & less than honest game play? The Expendables Gaming Club will fill this description. We are mature gamers that understand there is life outside gaming. We have jobs, families, houses & other hobbies. Weíve seen the sun in the last year. We play organized matches against each other & against other squads. You participate in whatever you want Ė no pressure. We are not here to have a clan with some weird structure, this is a place to connect and get a game.

Who Dares Grins

Our purpose is to get a game

Who Dares... Grins is a European multi-gaming clan and we aim to provide a fun gaming environment for the mature player. Currently we have a TF2 server and host regular Friday Night TF2 Fragfest sessions for all the community, clan members and their friends. We also hold Llama Nights, weekly gaming sessions on a Sunday, where we play a game suggested by the community which we can play together. Apart from this we just generally play games and hang out with each other on the forum, talking gaming talk and talking nonsense! We're always happy to see new faces so stop by and drop in.

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