vghub Community Standards

The Velocity Gamers Hub is a loose-knit alliance with no rigid structure. However, we who coordinate the network have some expectations about the content on affiliated sites. If the hosts of a website violate any of these standards, they will be urged to change their ways or asked to leave our network.

  1. Nothing illegal. VGHub sites do not provide access to pirated media or encourage violations of the law.
  2. Keep it positive. VGHub sites do not ridicule or denigrate gamers based on gender, race, ethnic background, religion, age, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. (We don't call people "gay" as an insult, and we don't refer to winning a video game as "rape".)
  3. Games are supposed to be fun. We like to see deep, thoughtful discussions and commentary, but cutthroat competition and tunnel-vision about gaming aren't healthy. Stephen King said: "Art isn't a support system for life. It's the other way around." The same is true about video games. Keep your sense of humor, and laugh at yourself once in a while, too.
  4. Support your network. VGHub is only as strong as our member communities. Link back to us, promote the site on your podcast or forums, and check once in a while to make sure your information is correct and up-to-date.

As always, if you have questions please ask our custodian DukeSkath.